-HDR Images-

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a form of photography whereby you take 1 normal exposed, 1 underexposed and 1 overexposed image and then layer them on top of each other, which in turn will give you an effect. These images were taken at a scrap yard in Benoni and were taken with Getpix Creative College….

-Street and Photojournalism-

Street and Photojournalism Photography is such a beautiful way of capturing everyday life. Getpix Creative College took us to Maboneng and Newtown which is situated in the Johannesburg Central Town. There you can experience the true Joburg life of the street venders and the people that live and work there. There you can also see…

-Architecture Photography-

This architecture photography was taken at two different sites, the Turkish Mosque in Midrand as well as the St Gabriel’s Catholic Church in Boksburg. We were given this task by Getpix Creative College and were given an outline of different photo’s to take. Architecture photography is such a beautiful way of capturing such historic monuments…

-Corporate Photoshoot-

The Corporate Photo shoot was taken at the VW Benoni Citi Branch. We were there with Getpix Creative College to take photos of the different people working there as well as the cars which could potentially be used as there advertising or for a website. Corporate photography is very important as it helps in terms…

-Water Colour-

You have to add colour to the dull moments.  Taken with Getpix Creative College.

-Anton Smit Scuplture Park-

-The Anton Smit Sculpture Park is an amazing palce to visit and a must-see place in Johannesburg. His works of art are absolutely amazing and worth the time to go and see. A link to their offical page: Anton Smit Sculpture Park Taken with Getpix Creative College.

-After Dark-

Before you can see the light, you have to deal with the dark… Taken with Getpix Creative College.

-Crystal Ridge Show Jumping-

All bonds are built on trust. Without it you have nothing… A link to their offical page: Crystal Ridge Equestrian Center Taken with Getpix Creative College.


Capturing what our beautiful world has to offer. Taken with Getpix Creative College.